Arvind Kejriwal To NDTV About Successes, Biggest Regret: Highlights

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal speaks to NDTV as AAP government completes one year in office.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

  • Our achievement is that most of the promises that we made in our manifesto, many have been fulfilled and many are being worked upon.
  • What we had said, we have delivered.
  • You will soon see 24×7 electricity in all Delhi homes.
  • We had said that we will provide water to 268 colonies, we have done so.
  • Education and health is our priority. For government schools, we have doubled the education budget.
  • For health, we plan to set up 1000 Mohalla (neighbourhood) clinics.
  • For one flyover, Rs. 325 crore was sanctioned, we ensured it was constructed for Rs. 200 crore.
  • Earlier Rs. 5 crore was sanctioned for a dispensary, we are making the same in just Rs. 20 lakh.
  • If we need CCTV surveillance across Delhi, the Delhi Police has to be taken into confidence.
  • Within 2-3 months, we will be able to tell you which model we are planning to implement for free WiFi to be available in Delhi.
  • I requested the Prime Minister to stop this daily fighting.
  • I told the PM that we are new in politics, If we make mistakes, please tell us and we will correct it.

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